If any of you follow me on twitter you probably already know the stunt I pulled almost 3 weeks ago.  I twisted both of my ankles at the same time.  You have to be pretty coordinated to be able to do that. sprained ankleI mean one ankle went one way and the other decided to survive the complete reverse.  Sort of likeArmy Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - Son in the TubArmy Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - Son in the Tub when you have two year old twin boys and you turn them loose in a very nice and fancy house while calling upon an acquaintance – one boy takes off going one direction to cause destruction while his twin takes off the other but with the same intent.  Both little toddlers know that mom can just move one way at a time, even if moms are actually very good at multi-tasking.   One of the twins at least will succeed in shutting down that open invitation from that homeowner for sure.



Apparently,  I am not the only person in my family twisting, contorting and spraining.  My sister’s husband had a spill himself.  .  .  . damagethathe had incurred to his right knee, he said to her in a serious but calm tone, “My knee isn’t lining up straight.”  And my sister laughed as she told me on the phone days later that his knee has never lined up straight due to being about as knock-kneed and pigeon toed as a cowboy could ever be.  She was right.  From the first time I met him, what 36 or so years ago I noticed 3 things immediately:  he was very, very tall, he was precisely what my sister needed, and he appeared like he’d been herding cattle via horseback all his lifetime.

Red Bandana I ordered my sister, my concern for my brother in law was not that he had been badly hurt from his fall, but that the hospital, physicians, surgeons, whomever would have difficulty recognizing how his leg really should look considering they only know him from subsequently the fall – post injury.   They really needed a before pic of him to understand that his back to normal still is a bit different than your average straight legged man normal. After my daughter was born, I gave way into heart failure and praises and raises with the hands to God I survived to learn that after a reasonable amount of time and a few checks up heart tests that I was not back to normal but “back to MY normal,” as my cardiologist said.  You see I already had some heart issues before and when I recovered from the heart failure miraculously, I didn’t go back to the classic textbook normal heart because I didn’t have that in beginning anyway.  I did go back to exactly how I was to begin with. . . back to how I came into this world to start with and back to for whatever reason how God wanted me to be.   I think as I grow older, one of the hardest things about being old is having a whole lot of memories that I wish couldn’t remember. sad eyes Sorrow is an extraordinary disease and unfortunately it attacks a flock of us Christians and binds us into an unforgiving, crippling, paralyzing disgust for ourselves and for who we are today and who we may have been in the yesteryear. Amelia's Sad Face I think a “detox” spiritually is needed here and there for that illness.  After recovery you should expect to feel lighter, cleansed, refreshed, and hopefully uplifted but. .. You will still be you.  You may not be a different person after you let God squeeze out the toxins of life, but you should be the person you were to begin with and the person that he made you to be. Jumping Happy Cartoon  And it is that very person who is free from condemnation that is able to go and run amuck out there for God to tell the world about  Jesus in whatever abnormal way that he leads you spread the love and the word of the Gosp

All my lifetime I have never considered myself enlisted in “the norm.” Twinkle lights Barbie 1993I am rather comfy with that now that I am older.  Partially because the older you become the less you care what others think and the other portion is because no matter what God loves me.   God built me my own norm.  God knew what he was doing even if I didn’t and it just doesn’t get more enlightening than that.   Don’t worry about being normalHere they are!! Part 2. . . If you have been thru a situation that weakened your soul, or you have fought demons, or if you just have gotten beat down over and over again, don’t try to get over it and be something you aren’t to begin with. . Be the person God wanted you to be.  Be knock-kneed, pigeon-toed, ankle spraining, running from baby chicks,Funny Chicks Eating And In Multiple Positions Cartoon
dying your hair green (by accident), and mistake a piece of trash for a leopard cub kind of Christian. (please refer to earlier posts to get this whole sentence)  

There is only one that needs to accept you and he has already done that.   Jesus

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