No More Carrots and other stuff non-redneck!

aenjoying a large dose in accomplishment.   Today I succeeded a task that has taken years and years to complete.  Preventing global warming  you might ask?  No.  Keeping ugly footed people from wearing sandals?  Nope.   Overthrowing all crooked politicians?  Newwwwooo.  Okay, predicting tornadoes before the spring?   And a big fat last no.   Today is the day i resolved an age-old crisis for picky eaters everywhere!   I figured how to keep the dried carrot pieces in the Rice a Roni dinner packet from entering my Rice a Roni mealcable car 5 7-8-9 1

How much do those pieces add in nutritional value anyway?   Are there actually people who look forward to that part?  It cannot be!  There are those who pick around them like moi and then those like my husband who just devour them with the rest of the food without  Elvis, Baby!

getting grossed out having swallowed them.  Dehydrated carrots in Rice a Roni are like having toMmm... ice cream eat gnats while you are riding a motorcycle or like eating elm bugs in homemade ice cream that you had outside under the trees.   When you are riding a motorcycle it is hard not to eat a few bugs and if you are eating ice cream outside you are going to be hard pressed to not have a bug of some kind decorate the scoops especially if you are eating underneath elm trees!

With my columns I throw myself out there – admitting to making, serving, and eating Rice a Roni.  Rice a Roni although a  “San Francisco treat,” wreaks with a “you might be a redneck” colloquialism.   I have confessed much worse.  In defense, I am a good cook and Rice a Roni is against my health goals in the kitchen.  Sometimes you  need processed boxed dinners such as Rice a roni if not for comfort food but at least as a desparate contingency plan.

This is my secret.  Today, instead of fishing them out of the collected dinner mixture in the skillet, I separated the carrot fragments first in the water.  When I added the “seasoning” packet, (food channel funny in itself), to the 4 cups of water I noticed I could not see the carrot pieces.  I continued to pour the broth liquid into the skillet and there on the bottom of my measuring pitcher remained the carrot pieces.   As the water escaped the measuring container the carrot pieces stuck to the bottom   They could not escape!   They could no longer hitch a ride on the buollion h2o train that carried on to the skillet dinner.  They missed their chance and I was more than happy to send them to the garbage pail instead. 

In our world today, censoring (sometimes considered a foul word to most liberals), filtering, picking out, separating certain items in our Christian lives is imperative in staying within an adequate zone in our spiritual life.  Lots and lots of junk gets added into our media, movies, tv shows, music, kids education.  We have to look for it, sort it out, and prevent it from ruining a whole skillet of good stuff we managed to make in our Christian homes.  It is our choice to pick what we hear, see, and do and our choice to pick what our children see, and hear and maybe do. 

Just like dehydrated pieces of carrots in a boxed dinner mix other waste is out there hiding within a nice package of other stuff we normally would get for our family.   At times we are even told it isa pile of vegetables good for us just like carrots are.   Sift that chaff from the wheat.  God gives you hesitation for good cause and wisdom to use. Proverbs was not written so I could save my dinner from a veggie I don’t like to eat! Proverbs helps protect ourselves and those we love from evil being forced down our throats like a tree limb pushed into a mulcher.    

Last year we moved away from Florida to Tennessee.  A few years before we moved during a fall school campaign launched to help kids in need obtain items for school.  Our church had a table set up to put in items in to the backpacks of children such as pencils, pens, paper, . . <span id="f002c4bb-3812-479d-be27-0c07781d9031" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark

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