Organizing my fridge. . . well it feels like it needs to be quite often.   When you have multiple people in and out the fridge for different things at different times, food items dost find themselves misplaced.   I know crazy right? !   The second obstacle for keeping the fridge organized is my husband cleaning up the kitchen after a hard days work and an evening of family events . . .he’s in there cleaning up the mess I
made making dinner when he would rather go relax for the first time yet for that day.  Naturally he tends to do the “just shove it anywhere it will go” method when putting foods up in the fridge at 8:30 at night.   Can’t blame him; but I still would love for the fridge to be less chaotic.   I guess my hope is since there is so little organization in any other place, I try to hold on for fridge control.dumb fridge

The other day while I was getting school supplies at the Dollar General I saw that they had rolls of Dry-Erase contact paper (they also had chalkboard contact paper another help.)   So yesterday when I was cleaning my fridge out – throwing out stuff it feels like I just bought even though it was 3 months ago by now – I decided to rearrange.   My answer to how to keep it this way was to put that dry erase contact paper to good use.   I obviously labeled the shelves by what works for us but I definitely think you should give it a try.

Now everyone in my household should be able to find what they need in the fridge and still not have an excuse for not putting it back where it goes.   Well I guess we’ll see, nonetheless I love it and I hope you guys try it for your house too!


footnote:  I’m half expecting that instead of items being put back correctly that I will find the dry erase stickers will be wiped and re-labeled based on what ends up where LOL!


fridge 2

You will see evidence of another organization kitchen hack I got off the internet and that is using a tiered lazy Susan to help with smaller jarred items which has helped me to save space in my crammed fridge.

To the left you should notice I re-purposed my cheap file trays as a way to keep my bacon, tortillas, and lunch meats organized.  In my main fridge I don’t have a meat /deli drawer that isn’t already used so I like this.  That way there is no digging involved when I need a slice of ham to throw in an omelette.  I don’t want to have to dive in just for one piece of ham you know what I’m saying?!

Fridge with food



I use my meatball scooper for everything:  dropping biscuits, meatballs (obviously), cookies, spaghetti squash, ice cream, and much more.   This is one kitchen gadget that can be used often instead of sitting in a drawer just taking up space.



photo_309_20051030My recipes get messy.   Mainly because well I’m messy when cooking and my beautiful full page photo image recipes torn from a magazine also start wearing part of the ingredients by the time I’m done making dinner so here’s my tip.   One:  I keep my recipe in a plastic page protector.  And two:  I clip it up up with a hanging clothespin stationed on my top cabinet door knob.   That way it’s closer to eye view and less likely to get something spilled on it.Hang and Dry Laundry Clothespins






I hope some of these will help you!rare beauty

Picking out produce . . .

It doesn’t matter when I go to the store . . .at whatever time I arrive the produce has just been sprayed with water.   I don’t like getting all messy when I pick out my lettuce so this is what I do.    I put my hand inside the produce bag and grab the lettuce or green onions with the bag covered hand and then pull the produce of choice while letting the bag come over.    Basically you are using the little green baggies as a glove to grab it and then pulling the produce through to keep you from getting all wet.   Works great for me!