As soon as I put away my Christmas decorations I was on to craft for the next holiday. . .Valentine’s Day.   This project cost me $2 per tree . . .I think you’ll be able to do it just as easily and thrifty!


Items you will need:



a straw (or dowel)

a small terra cotta pot (I didn’t have one so I used the lid from a Pepcid AC bottle)

nail polish

hot glue

Styrofoam cone  (if you don’t have one you can simply make a strong cone out of card stock instead)

green moss

miniature clothespins and floral wire (optional)



First I covered my cone with the moss . . .


Then I cut the straw to fit the desired height and glued one end of straw to the “pot” and the other end the mossy cone.


Next I used some parchment paper and hot glued designs such as “xoxo”, “I Love U”, and heart shapes.


After the hot glue cooled then I painted the shapes with nail polish.   After that I painted the straw for the topiary tree.


Next I filled the pot with some spare aquarium rocks I had on hand.


I then took floral wire and spiraled around the tree and attached miniature clothespins.


Then I decorated accordingly.


What I like best about this craft is that it will be seasonally interchangeable . . .I will simply make other tree ornaments for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, etc with hot glue just as before and switch them out when the time arrives.


Hope you give it a try!

























I have also included some decor and crafts I added with very minimal effort 🙂