Does your dog like carry-out food?  Or is it called takeout?   No, I don’t suggest he eat people food.  nom, nom, nom!I ask if your dog prefers to eat his dog food out. . .?   Can someone explain to me why my dog feels it necessary to get a mouthful of his dog food, then walk past two rooms to eat it on my living room floor?   Or sometimes he takes his food from his dog bowl dumps it out of his mouth in front of my door and eats it there?!  Dog played with his food.



What in the world?!!   Does it taste better?   Is this his impression of take –out?  Is his dog dish not pretty enough?  Did he not like his corner table? WHAT ?  WHAT ? WHAT?!!!!

I tried moving his dish to one of his carry out spots.   Then he took the food from there to a new location and ate it.  I tried changing his dish.  That didn’t work either.   This intrigues me. It seems no matter what… he is dog calendarnever satisfied with just eating out of his food dish.   I suppose I could hand feed him every kibble every minute of the day he needs food, but logic prevents me from setting the bar so high for feeding my dog.


Do you ever think that God feels a little like this when we aren’t doing what we ought to or in the place that we should be?   I think he must.  I can envision many times in my life where God is looking down upon me with a life preserver to save me from drowning in my own problem and I just keep moving around on him.  “Now here you go my child. . . Oh, okay no here now take my help, my child. . . Oh, okay now you have changed again now here, let me help you !!!   Good grief!”  God looking down I recall lifeguard training classes that actually encourage you to knock out the drowning victim so you can manipulate them well enough to save their life.   I’m sure God has wanted to knock me out a few times if you know what I mean.

You know what?  He doesn’t give up though.  He keeps moving with us and stays watch over us even when we go down the wrong roads and do the wrong things and when we need to be conked in the head just so we are easier to handle.   No matter what –  his love is enduring, and unfailing not to mention very very patient.  

Even though I don’t know why my dog does the silly sometimes senseless things that he does, I do still love him.  I remind myself of how God loves me even though I do senseless things.    The best thing I can do is keep my own life on the right track.   I should also sweep up the kibbles and bits of dog food on my floor so I don’t step on dog food in the middle of the night.That smarts almost as much as stepping on a barbie doll shoe. 





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