Children’s books for sale!

I have two children’s books out currently.   You may purchase them directly from me and have books signed and inscribed per your instructions for no additional charge. Email me today at your order.


I have been avoiding typing this post. I would like everyone to be aware that I have been battling with my publisher for some time now for them to honor their contract. Now for the past couple of months author friends of mine and news stations have been telling a vast explosion of troubles with Tate Publishing. I feel obligated to let my readers know this unfortunate situation. If you are interested in any of my books contact me directly. It is sad to say that I am not likely to see any due royalties come my way. I have filed a formal complaint with the State’s attorney’s office and last I heard there were more than 150 filed already.
For those not in the publishing industry I have to tell you it is extremely frustrating and cutthroat. I had always had a goal of my children’s books being published only to help some child somewhere somehow some day . .it was not for monetary reasons that I published. My hope still remains that is the case despite the unfairness and difficulties in the Christian Publishing world.
So if you have purchased my books through Amazon or any other common retailers. I thank you despite the outcome. And if you would like to order my books in the future please let me know. In addition if you know of anyone who would benefit from having my books contact me as well.



Or you may also click on the image and purchase the book directly from the publisher.   Books are alsobook amazon available in bookstores, at book signing events locally, and online through Amazon, Kindle, and more.





My first edition book titled “Where Is Grandpa?” is a
Christian Children’s book that guides parents into the discussion with young children coping with the death of a loved one.  “This beautiful story helps families find the perfect words to explain transitions that are hard to find the perfect words for in a child-friendly and gentle way.” Kristin Deree, Preschool Director



My second children’s book, “Huggin’ Jesus” is for the young kids who face a tough day. These children may have woken up, dreading to go to school. They may have gotten picked on by a playmate. This book lets young readers know that even though they may seem alone, Jesus is always there to embrace them and make them feel better. Better equip young children spiritually while enjoying a delightful story in “Huggin’ Jesus.” Press release p |