White Fluffy Christmas – A yummy recipe for happiness during the holiday!

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“love that stuff inside!”

One of the coolest experiences I can say that I have had absolutely has to be the time my sister and I decided to see what was inside her bean bag.   Well it sure wasn’t beans!  Thank God!  It was these tiny itty bitty balls of Styrofoam and when you stuck your arm into the vast pit of white miniatures spheres you got the coolest sensation all over your arm.   If you haven’t felt it you really should,  you know.   In fact, maybe that could become a new sort of physical therapy for people.   Just a thought.

I’ve discovered yet another snowy heavenly indulgence that I like just as much.   Its Fluff!  That’s really not the name for it but it is a name that all of us girls who know about it have come to call it.   Fluff consists of marshmallow creme and cream cheese.


That’s it! . . . who would have ever thought that two simple ingredients could come together so beautifully, incredibly and deliciously.

ingredient#1  Marshmallow creme
ingredient #2  Cream Cheese


We aren’t talking ketchup meets french fries or butter meets popcorn here we are talking about

scoops of heaven in every bite.   If cheerful puffy clouds on a nice May day were edible they

would taste of fluff (and if they weren’t edible they would feel like the inside of a bean bag of course.)


I love it love it. !!!!   I had never experienced this white cosmic matter until one of my friends from church   ( God bless her) brought it to one of our church lady gatherings and well that was only a couple of months ago (that’s been more than ten years ago now) and I haven’t stopped thinking about it yet.

Obsessed you may ask?   “Yes,” I will unashamedly answer.   And now at every single church lady function it is just implied that there will be fluff there.  It is equally implied that I will be there with the fluff hovering above it with my happy spoon.  Consequently now that I have experienced this new love I can’t imagine life before it.


To think that I almost missed out.   . .. If someone of greater snack knowledge hadn’t had the generosity and kindness to give of her fluff including the recipe . . then I might have missed out.   Maybe I wouldn’t have been so nice and kept “fluff” a secret . . Right?   Maybe I would have bought out all supermarkets of the two ingredients and kept it all to myself?   What a horrible injustice to my fellow girlfriends that would have been?   How selfish of me to find something that gives people such joy and not want to automatically share it with them?     Crazy!


Much of the world we live in today is just too reserved in the wrong way.   People are too concerned about being politically correct . . Watch what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it to.   However, it is that fear that paralyzes others in ignorance about our Lord Jesus.   Two very simple ingredients give such complete fulfillment that is our Lord and his love.   The combination is unfathomable to those if they can’t experience for themselves and how are they to without someone sharing the recipe of joy with them?   No one could have ever told me that if I put cream cheese and Marshmallow creme together I’d get a wonderful fruit dip ( I usually skip the fruit). Nor could I be wondering around the grocery store and on one end grab a jar of creme than see the cheese in the dairy aisle and go “yeah that’s the ticket!”   Someone first had to give the fluff to me.   Someone had to share the joy and the knowledge.

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This Christmas season as we get all involved in meetings, Christmas parties, or worried about what city has banned another Nativity scene, someone just said “Happy Holidays” again to me,  and the how am I going to pay for all of this, we should reflect back on the importance of giving and sharing.

Baby Jesus is the original example of giving and sharing. God gave us his son out of his love.

He didn’t have to but he did anyway.

My sister and I have grown out of sticking our arms vicariously into bean bags but I have not stopped my regular consumption of “fluff”.   A little fluff makes a difference.   Let’s all share the true joy of Christmas.

God’s love can make all the difference and its fat free!




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