I have accumulated a stockpile of magazine clippings.  I figured I’d muddle through them and see if I could absorb anything helpful out of the articles since most of them were household tips.  As a housewife, many tips will be familiar:  “use a rubber band to get lids off of jars”, “use vinegar to clean windows” and 40 million uses for baking soda and coca-cola.

Some of the tips just got on my nerves: “When houseguests are coming, I browse through my assorted gifts I have on hand (I buy little gifts on sale from time to time for such occasions, birthdays, etc.) then I place the gift in a basket filled with bath towels (I have monogrammed), soaps (including hypoallergenic), shampoos, and more to make their visit more pleasant.”Crazy Easter Bunny

Crazy paperclipREALLY?!!!  Look, if you are coming to our house, I’ll be hard pressed to get my house cleaned, cleared, and approachable much less place knick knacks in some fancy basket with hotel amenities.

Geesh tip submitter . . . How much time do you have to kill anyway?!  Wait!  I got a tip that tops that one!  “If you would like your houseplants leaves to appear shinier simply wipe all the leaves with a cloth dampened with milk.”

WHAT???!!!!!!!Birthday in a Box

Let’s break this tip down shall we?

1)  If I want my leaves to be shinier?  If my plants are alive should be enough of an accomplishment. Plant In Two Pots  I don’t need the leaves beaming like a bumper on a classic car at an automobile show.

2)  Okay, say you did want your house to look so far past perfect that you had a valid concern for extreme glistening leaves  . . Hanging Plant

How much time and patience would you own to wipe every single leave with a cloth?!

Overkill is an understatement with this situation.  This whole lesson in OCD reminds me of the rhetoric with leadership in our country these days.

Let’s waste time and concern on climate change while terrorists are trying to kill everyone off they get their hands on our planet.  It won’t matter how hot it is if we all lose our heads!   Oh yeah !  Priorities have been a big problem with our President since he walked off the golf course to do a press conference to act concerned about something that is a crisis.

Out of all the time I don’t have on my hands if I had time to wipe off every plant to make it flashier in appearance I could have spent some more quality time in quiet with God, righting my wrongs, surprising my husband with a love note, helping an elderly neighbor, the list is endless in possibilities but forgive me if sprucing up decorative indoor plant life isn’t included.

You don’t go to a National Prayer Day breakfast and attempt to use biblical history to downgrade pure evil.  It’s almost as if some leaders are trying to be more like Chris Angel and distract you with fabricated illusions to keep our minds from focusing on the real injustices at hand. Card Trick Colorized  Journalists would rather hear Holder “quack like a duck” then ask some serious questions about deception, transparency, or corruption in the White House.

I’m so glad that we are tracking fish fraud now too.   Forget about the millions who perform Tax fraud in our country because  a good portion are senators or congressman.   Let’s fix new problems to get fresh media attention instead of addressing constant old problems of unemployment, illegal immigrants, and the vast spreading virus of immorality. Personalized Gifts for the Home

Just as I need to clean my house before I need to polish plant leaves shouldn’t our White House do some spring cleaning before it goes telling other countries’ how to sheriff their fishing markets?   How about God first, maybe then . . .morals, honesty, integrity, love next?!!  That would be nice wouldn’t it?   We all need priorities and I’m gonna go out on a limb here and boldy admit that shining up foliage ain’t in the first long list.

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