Taylor’s new song . . .

I have been so bad about writing lately. . .I apologize.   I decided to post the lyrics to song that my 9 year old daughter wrote a few weeks ago.  She really surprised me and it was so nice to see a unique look into her ideas about loving the Lord.


“Noticed”   copyright 2017 Taylor Kate Brindley

Sitting out in the crowd never to be heard or seen, except by you.

Cause you my friend, are the reason I love. . .

Cause you my faith are the reason I live.


Because of you I will stand higher than anyone else,

Because you my friend I love you.

No matter how small or out numbered I will be with you!

But . . .there isn’t just me.  We will stand!

Together around you. . .And we will go on stage to show your existence.  Because We Love You!  Our God!


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