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AWWWWEEEE   SPRING!!!   The trees are budding.  Grass is greening.  Baby calves are being born.  Birds are singing; and my daughter is digging for worms.   Wonderful, wonderful, and ICK!~!worm ick face I guess I shouldn’t be too grossed out by her picking out worms from the clods of dirt and naming every single now somewhat stretched little earthworms.  I used to love digging for worms myself.   Apparently my daughter has knack for finding bugs and beetles at the drop of a hat too.   As soon as she shut the car door after I brought her home for school she had already found like 5 billion ladybugs.   She must get that from me since my head seems to find every bee and wasp within a 5 mile area.   Not as enjoyable mind you.

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Due to her most recent fascination with the ladybug I had to answer a few questions I did not know the answers for . . . such as :  ” What do ladybugs eat?   Why does it fly away when I am trying to name it? and Where are all their accessories if they are ladybugs?”  During my investigation in to the more basic questions I discovered some hilarious facts I decided to share with you, my wonderful and extremely tolerant followers.frontline plus for dogs flea and tick control treatment

“Ladybug” aka ladybird beetle or lady beetle on weedGuess what little tiny baby ladybugs look like?   Okay so they aren’t technically baby ladybugs . . . the LARVAE if you will then. . . ?  Ladybugs have 4 life stages.  That’s nothing really.  I can have 4 life stages in a single week.  It’s just part of being a drama queen.   Anyway . . .the ladybug is first an egg, then larvae, pupae, and finally a beetle.  Yes we call it a bug but it’s really a beetle and also a lady when it could be a male.  That’s not confusing at all is it?!!!  Consistency can be an issue when it comes to humans and nature but that is another story.  The baby ladybugs, or the little teeny eeny larvae that will become man and lady bug/beetles resemble . . .




Didn’t see that coming did ya?   Maybe you did; maybe you didn’t.  Let’s just move forward with the general idea that no, I’m the one that had no idea.   A baby beetle that is one of the cutest on the planet and it looks like a chomping miniature alligator?  Weird, bizarre, and yet still awfully cute!


The ladybug like many species has plenty of interesting facts under her belt that she didn’t really need that spectacular miniature gator one too.   The ladybug was unique enough right?   Talk about an attention hog, now really!PersonalizationMall.com


If I was to start an amazing fact sheet about Jesus how long would it be?  “Very very long!”  most people would answer proudly.   Yes, assuredly the list should be long but do we know all of his amazing facts and do we know him well enough and about him enough to develop that long list.  Think about it.  If you  had 5 minutes to write an amazing fact sheet about Jesus how many could you think of?   And consider this just to write all the biblical recorded facts about Jesus would take a lot of effort but add to the list every single amazing fact that Jesus has done or not done to show his love for you on top of the original biblical facts.   Next, add what outstanding Jesus facts can you then list about what he has done for your children, and your parents, and your siblings, and your neighbors, and the pizza boy who always seemed lost, and so on and so on and so on.    Infinitesimal is not just a word to describe space and time it describes our Lord and savior and his resume on record.


God only makes amazing things.   Jesus is amazing.  Ladybugs are amazing.   And, ladybug babies/larvae that look like minuscule alligators are cutely amazing.  Last but not least, since God only makes amazing things. . .you!  You are amazing!  Don’t forget it!  God didn’t.  He knows you’re amazing even if you have only one life stage happening and it’s called “back-slidden Christian.”   Get up!  Get going!  Get something amazing done!



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