Smile . . .

Maybe it can be just a smile,

worriedA smile when most cannot.

A smile that rises above what other people may say,

No matter what clothes they wear . . .no matter how they appear.banana-932442__180

A smile that shows God’s love beaming out.

A smile that says unconditional love.

A smile to give someone a second chance at a grumpy day.

To encourage kind behavior from a not so nice fellow.

A smile to lift those in sadness.FLASH STICK 254

or give hope to those who are without.

You can share this Joy,

A smile for ALL.nativity

Wendydawn Brindley

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Born in Oklahoma and grew up there. Attended college and I have lived in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, and now Tennessee. I have been writing since I was a young teenager. I have children's books ( Where Is Grandpa? and Huggin' Jesus), novels, columns, and other works in progress. Please stay tuned!

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