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When you come from “country” hunting, fishing, skinning, cleaning, spitting, shooting, and cow tipping are more than just every day verbs you use in sentences to describe what you’ve been doing.  I know that I am the only person in my whole family who HASN’T gone turkey hunting during Turkey Day holiday.

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That being said. . . if you don’t come from country or from a family from country a lot of things probably won’t make any sense to you.  And vice                                               versa . . . a lot of things “city” folks do don’t make any sense to us.


I was standing in line for customer service at Wal-Mart (which is a parallel experience in waiting to get a flu shot during flu season), when I noticed on the wall a large bulletin board with product recall notices posted.  On the left half of the board the recalls posted were baby cribs, toddler toys, all of which I would have expected to see, right?  Babies and toddlers should only play with and sleep safely on merchandise that is safe.sleeping baby

My eyes then wondered across the large vast area of corkboard until I saw “it” in a clear space on the very right side of the bulletin board.  Off in a whole zone of the recall board of its own was one simple little picture of a huge, gigantic,enormous machete style knife.  “Dum dum dum dum” like the Darth Vader theme music had started and stopped in that moment as I saw the main attraction of the recall adult side of the board.   Left side cute baby stuff/right side samurai wanna be kill a wookie hunting knife.  I was too far away to read the recall message but I just had to show a dimple in my cheek when I smirked thinking to myself “a safety recall on a foot long hunting knife?  Really?  Is safety even in the habits of a person who goes to Wal-Mart to buy a tree cutting size blade?

big knifeShouldn’t some of the risk be implied?  Sure . .. there was that lawsuit for hot coffee because the coffee was. . . well . .  hot; but buying a big sharp knife should lean a bit towards the beware side of anyone’s brain.  I doubt some college coed would mistakenly purchase this knife to trim the sorority banners for rush week.  I also doubt any little old man seeks out such a device to rid his garden of ground squirrels.  Why would you put a DANGER sign on a weapon of obvious rhino destruction?   What could the unsafe part of a 95% razor-sharp blade be besides the 95% razor-sharp blade?!! Is a person handling such a cutting tool even concerned about being careful or cautious?  I doubt it!”

Christian stuff
Christian stuff

Gun laws, really?  If I pick up a gun I know the danger for me , for anyone else near me and certainly for a fat wild turkey the day of Thanksgiving.  I grew up with shotguns, pistols, knives, all around up and down in the house but NO ONE shot anybody!  No one schemed up some plan to put on a trench coat and slaughter innocent people.  There wasn’t any obsession with the opportunity to fire weapons nor an obsession to end lives just because you can.  The guns were there, they were respected, and they weren’t needing any safety recall warning because you just had the sense to know better.



How about instead of gun laws we focus on “Stop being a psycho” laws, “Put the Bible back in schools” laws and “Respect Human Life” laws.   We got too many nut cases running around and it isn’t always about them using legal weapons to the devil’s work to begin with.   You know a small part of me naturally thinks, “Well if we could screen people better than . . .we could keep crazy people from buying guns to commit those atrocities. . . “  Then I thought “Where do you stop?”   Screen crazies from buying knives, forks, fertilizers, duct tape, selling high cholesterol food, backpacks?!!!  Geesh!!!  How about keeping crazy people from being elected, ignored, and underestimated.   How about not worrying about offending or political correctness and speak about those who just ain’t quite right.  That may be actually less crazy or maybe I’m just going crazy in Our World Today.pulling your hair out


Sad, sick, demented, and horrific is our news these days.  The news in not just in America . . . it is everywhere.  This is 2013 and in some countries genocide and human trafficking is still being carried out without any provocation.   YUCK!


“What in the World?!!”  My mom used to say when she couldn’t believe something soooo crazy and there you have it.  “What in the WORLD” indeed!

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We as Christians and children of God are not of this world but the devil and his evildoers are exactly of this world.  Chaos ensues.  Let us use our heavenly Father’s strength and guidance to steady our course of action while we are here on this earth.  Stop taking the nonsense, stop tolerating injustice, stop believing in lies and stop following false hopes, and mainstream mania.  Get real!  Get God!  Get going everyone NOW!

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