This is how we’ve evolved?. . .Even my laser jet printer is lying !!!  I expect politicians to lie, I expect children who are guilty about breaking Mama’s things to lie and I expect every single woman in this universe whose unhappy with her weight to lie;

 but, my printer?  Well it did.  My printer prints out lies quite often lately.  Here it is:


It didn’t need to tell me that!  My mind goes blank all the time and I go outta my way not to tell people that!  My memory leaves a blank all the time and if I could remember that I went blank I still wouldn’t convey it or lie about it.   This page  left blank is a blatant lie!  It’s not blank.  If it was blank it would read:

 ”                                     ”  (not even quotation marks of course).

And what’s this intentionally stuff about?  Not only am I supposed to read a blank page that’s deceiving but I’m supposed to think that my printer did it on purpose?  Like it’s saying “Oh Yeah I meant to do that!”  Intriguing!  Zzzzoom we’ve come full circle back to our crazy world today!  Haven’t you known people being so uncomfortable with themselves that when dared with unsurpassed proof  they lied, they do that printer thing:

” Oh well I meant to do that.”

Lying to cover up another lie.

“You meant to lie?  You meant to look more foolish?  I lose track !”

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not meaning to sound self-righteous.  I can write about it because I’m sure I’ve done it myself.  As you grow older you start to lose patience with playing mind games and become a straight shooter.  The older I get, I just don’t have as much talent for tact as I did at a younger age.

Way back ( I mean way way back) then, I cared a lot more about what people thought of me.  I cared more about their perception of me.  I cared more about their impression of me versus what they were secretly impressing upon me.  Now, not so much.  I’ve lost a lot of desire to schmooze, to finagle, to give in, to dance that full-feathered frenzy-dance by strutting peacocks that says “Look at me!  Ain’t I special?!”

Any of my blog followers know I certainly don’t care much about political correctness and now you know that I shouldn’t care about what printers print.   I know that God wants me to be kind, gentle, generous, honest, meek, humble, and you know . . .Christ-like.  If we are worried about doing what he wants us to do doesn’t that trump everything and everyone else?   My neighbor can say whatever she wants about my unruly dog and my shouting after him.  God will deal with me on it.  Let people gossip.  Let people judge.  Let horrific mothers post scriptures on their Facebook page to distract from their true evil nature.  Let CEOs of children’s charity organizations accept community awards publicly as they continue to abuse and neglect their own grandchildren.   And by all means let political leaders (and printers) continue to lie, deceive, and mass manipulate our world today.

My father grew up poor with not much of an education and even less opportunities in life.  Conversely, he always had concise and exclusive catchphrases.  I remember after being wronged in my life and  feeling no justice was served, my Dad put his arm around me and said “Don’t you worry. . . God’ll get’em!”  How true that is.  Keep that in mind as we continue to fight for faith.  We may not see the results occur on paper or even get published in the newspapers or on facebook.  . . rest assured . . .God knows.  He will take care of it in one way or another and it will be honest and supremely intentional.


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