Nudibranches -Cute, deadly, and familiar?

[avantlink_ad merchant=”OverstockDeals” title=”OverstockDeals 468×60″][/avantlink_ad]Do you know about Nudibranches?   I love these little guys!  (and gals too)  My daughter and I watch underwater videos all the time just to see these fascinating, brilliant creature.  Recently I thought I’d read about them.  Apparently, there are over 3000 species of nudibranches.  They literally discover new ones on a daily basis, which to me is so fascinating considering we all think we are so modern these days because we live in the year of 2015.   Yep, we are still learning about this vast world we live in on the other hand, there are a lot of things we still haven’t managed to learn no matter how much history repeats itself.

 Nudibranches may live for 2 weeks or only up to a year.   Very short timespan right?  They also get a lot of their vibrant colors from the food they eat.   Imagine if we humans were that way . . . I’d be part red for spaghetti and part brown for chocolate and maybe a splash of green for cucumbers.   What a weird world that would be huh?[avantlink_ad merchant=”Temp-tations” title=”Pack ‘N Go – Free Shipping & 10% Off – 300 x 250″][/avantlink_ad]

What is not too far out of touch to understand about the nudibranches is that not only do they take on the color of things they eat but they also can take on poisons and toxins they eat and it becomes their own poison.  So if eats a deadly sea anemone then later if a predator tries to bite the little nudibranchy the predator dies from the same poison.   Really cool feature for the nudibranches but that technique hasn’t been working too well for us humans more specifically our war on terrorism.  You see,  radicals did not suddenly burst into being radical.   They planted themselves in a lot of cities and countries with the ultimate goal of causing death and horror to as many as possible.

Let’s think about all the “poisons” that we as human beings absorb that breakdown our inner spirit changing our attitude, Person 9outlook, and integrity.   A little road rage from the young driver who ran you off the road? . . . poison . . .Receive a Christmas package in the mail and the contents was stolen? . . .poison. . . Read online rants from hateful narrow minded obsessive compulsive commentators? . . .poison.   Only we hold it in.   The hate and resentment builds inside and the devil smiles knowing that he is sneaking in evil to separate you and your spirit from God’s love and His peace.Online Sheet Music

The same goes for our country . . .look at over the last say 6 to 7 years how much political, economical, ethical, racial, and immoral poisons that have been ingested.   Look at all these U.S. Constitution - Illustrationlittle evil seeds that seem to have most of the media outlets standing near by to promote and encourage absolutely vile and shameful human behavior.   How on earth as a nation founded by God loving and commandment following fore fathers can we expect to stay with boundaries of necessary guidelinesEvil Min-ja when we allow those guidelines to be compromised, vetoed, pushed, ignored, and disintegrated?  It has to begin again . . . We have to go back to the basics and prevent evil from even stepping foot within our territories.   If it is already here, we need to get rid of it, punish it, and dispell any traces of the inequity.   Let us be more effective than those cute Nudibranches.   Let us not take in any poisons to begin with that we change how we look then we won’t have to worry about getting rid of it either.

I myself have written numerous times about spiritual warfare and as a Christian we are in a constant battle within ourselves; however, you can tell by my articles over the last few months that our nation is in a spiritual battle too.  As Christians we have to have our inner spiritual battle conquered to an extent that we our able to better fight this nation’s great spiritial war.  I myself feel compelled this new year to reassess, reverse, reclaim, and redo all necessary actions from within to become better, stronger, and empowered to do God’s will.  It’s always a good time for a spiritual detox.    Nudibranches you just keep being utterly cute and amazing.   We know your creator made you with purpose and us too.

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