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Hi!   I just got back from the grocery store and boy is my checkbook tired.   I mean I just spent $4,988,677 at the grocery store!   Now that I have groceries, I have completely lost my appetite!   Do you know what I am saying?   I went there to get a few things and the little things cost more than a car payment!  I might have exaggerated by about $4,988,477 but it sure felt like that much . . . .?   I’m sure you can understand.      Cartoon Owl                                                                  



I really don’t feel too guilty about over exaggerating when I feel like lately our own country broadcasts news that is the opposite “under” exaggerated.   It seems lately between press secretaries, CDC, terrorist beheadings, liberal media that we are told a far less severe condition then what exists.   Politicians and certain media outlets are frequently dishonest.  It’s at a point now that no certainty exists only deception, underestimation, under preparedness, and again country-wide chaos.  Yuck!   “Workplace Violence” and “JV team” “Ebola will not be in the United States”  are some of the choice examples I immediately have come to my mind.  

I learned from Hannity the other night that if you call a terrorist act “workplace violence” instead that it keeps the Patriot Act from being enacted.   AHA!   Now I get it.   It’s just wonderful that evil has all this work around to the legal solutions honest Americans have put in place to protect ourselves.  It seems that where there is a will there is a way and where there is evil, there are lots ways.FLASH STICK 006 [avantlink_ad merchant=”Tumbleweed Tiny House Company” title=”Homepage – Medium Rectangle”][/avantlink_ad]

What is will anyway?  Is will simply a choice you make or something much more?   I believe it is much, much more than a choice.   I believe that will equals a demand.   A demand on yourself and demand for others you know and even a demand of people all around the world you don’t know.   You can make a choice for yourself on how you want to live, what you want to wear, and what car you want to buy etc.   Making a choice for yourself still sounds peaceful because it doesn’t have the strength and influence on others behind it like being strong-willed does.   If you have “will” involved, it is usually loaded with determination, self righteousness, and empowerment to enable you to not only influence those around you, but also to demand them to make those same decisions that you feel led by your will.    [avantlink_ad merchant=”Augason Farms” title=”Branded Vertical Banner”][/avantlink_ad]

You aren’t crazy just because you are strong-willed.   You aren’t required to enact violence, break laws, lie, cheat, steal, hurt, mame to follow through the will of God but you do have to well . . .do .. . .Use God’s wisdom, God’s strength, his guidance, his patience, his love in strong-willed warriors against evil in our world today and especially across our nation.   Why can’t we have a moral work around to eradicate all the junk in our country driving Americans further and further away from our founding fathers belief in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and our powerful God?  God says we can.  

Sometimes when I start to feel a bit beat down . . .a little defeated I think about God and the word awesome and the moment I put those two words back into my thoughts at the same time the Holy Spirit reminds me with a warm hug kind of feeling as if to say “Hey buck up little camper.   You are on the winning team remember?!”    And so as I spend what’s left of my budget and then some on the cheapest groceries I can find in this horrible economy today I remember that streets of gold and free chocolate await Christians up in heaven and while we are still on earth we remain strong in will, strong in faith, and strong in God’s love.


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