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Mychtar and his Snowdog

I saw the funniesttshirt.  It said “Property of the Redundancy Department department”  So funny.  I’ve always loved the word redundant.  It just seems to roll off your tongue and hop over your teeth when you pronounce it.  I also love the words: pungent, facetious, and indicative; but we are going to focus on just redundant mainly in today’s column… article…blog (it’ssooo contagious)  [avantlink_ad merchant=”Muttropolis” title=”Special Free Shipping offer, on orders over $49 at”][/avantlink_ad]

I was looking through a sales catalog and it had several item categories for your shopping ease.   One category caught my attention:  “Religious Christmas.”   Helloooo redundant . . . .!  Hence the first part of the word “CHRIST”.  

Wouldn’t Jesus’ name thrown into the root of the whole word that the holiday is called make it religious?!   That’s what I’m thinking!  Then again, in our world today, I forget we are supposed to throw logic right out the window along with our Lord and Savior because it just isn’t the way progressives would have us human beings “evolve.”   Give me a break.   I’m so over modernism that I could just heave up my stomach until all of my insides are all on my outside.   I wonder if that would impress all those far out liberals enough to shut them up.   That would be the one time when a dry heave would be worthwhile.  How often can you say that?
Birthday in a Box

You don’t have to have the word “religious” in front Christmas to distinguish what type of holiday decor you are looking at in a flyer.  Is that how far we have come from Christmas?   I never understood –  the more time that has gone by since man has been on this planet (which is another debatable issueapparently) then the further away weshould be from our maker.  Really?   Why onearththen for centuries did we use the worldwide accepted time record of B.C.and A.D?   It was aconcensus back then among intellectuals and yet now if you refer to JesusChrist they think you are some dumb redneck with 2 teeth left, a shotgun in your hand, and a Gideon Biblehanging out of the bib pocket of your worn out overalls.   Nowait I forgot the correct description is “clinging to our Bibles and our religion.”  Remember that one?[avantlink_ad merchant=”NOTW” title=”160×600 – Current Promotion”][/avantlink_ad]

What seems redundant to me is that the ignorant people in our country are the loudest mouths at accusing others of being ignorant.  Wait.  No that’s ironic I apologize.  The reason I was thinking it redundant is because I’m sooooo tired of it.  I’m tired of all the talk.  I’m tired of all this bitter peer pressure from Godless people who lood, spread hate, lie, cheat, steal, hit, kill, and encourage others to do the same or they must be a racist.    And I’m not just talking about spokespeople for the whitehouse.  

Our God created all colors, all languages, all sizes, all personalities.   Our God is everything but redundant.   He makes only originals and we should love and embrace everyone.  Not because it gets more votes for our political party, or because we can get protestors to torch more cop cars, or push agendas.  Let’s get back to the basics.   Ten commandments, the golden rule, Mom’s and Dad’s raising their kids at home first instead of leaving it up to the streets or their peers.  

Lets remember that Christ is Christmas.   No explanation necessary.  So you have a window cling of Santa no big deal as long as  you know Jesus was born on Christmas day and no man has ever loved as much as God to give us his only son who lived a human life only to die for us.   Us morons even.  

Let’s go from a country where we beat, rob, destroy, lie, and wreck society over one person’s ill-fated poor judgement to  . . . what should you be doing in the first place?  Does it make God proud?  Would it honor and dignify and glorify the highest?   If the truth hurts then change.   Everyone is accountable for themselves aren’t they?  When we face Jesus in heaven and he throws out the long long list of stuff we did wrong I’m pretty sure that race card won’t work for anyone especially if we get to heaven we have been transformed into all purple polka dotted fuschia color sinners.   And I don’t think Jesus will have a name tag on his robe that says “Messiah”.  That would be redundant and those who know about him know that too.  His name tag probably should say:  “the buck stops here.”  

[avantlink_ad merchant=”Augason Farms” title=”Branded Square Pop-Up”][/avantlink_ad]Despite my soapbox venting I would like to wish every single person a very Merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then I pray that someday you do welcome Jesus into your heart and fall down on your knees thanking God for that Christmas day all those centuries ago . . 

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6Christmas is just around the corner


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