Katydid What? I can’t hear you? Can you say it to my knees?

katydidI’m always particularly tickled at some of the funny things God did with nature.   I think what makes me laugh is not what he accomplished but the way he managed to irritate evolutionists along the way.  I mean the Platypus come on!  Hysterical!   How about the Blobfish?!!!  Love it . . .!!  I am a big fan of Jeff Corwin even though we have somewhat different views I think he is hilarious and comes across an extremely caring person.   I love it when he visited Madagascar and Borneo.  To me it makes me think about art and God . . . a cow, a horse, a bird that is like realistic art, still life, scenic paintings that mimic real photographs.  Then, take a look at your Platypus, Blobfish, Seahorse, Whitefin dolphin, . . . that equals the more abstract art side.   Madagascar = Picasso wanna be unique species with 2 eyes on side of the face modern art.   Don’t even get me going on Salvador Dali animals!pink panther
The subject of today’s column is a “Who dunnit?”
KATYDID!!!! frontline plus for dogs flea and tick control treatment Sorry I just could not help myself.   Anyway so the Katydid bug is sooo beyond cool and it’s cool not because of its name which is pretty original.  Katydid is cool because of her kneeknob ears.   Yes the Katydid bug has her ears on her hind legs supposedly her knees even.   I’m sorry but try to imagine if that were the case in us mostly humans.
“I’m sorry.  I didn’t hear you could you repeat that?”
“Sorry dearie you could you say that again but this time into my knees so I can hear you better?”  (old lady with cane balancing to hold her knee up while cupping her knee cup with her other hand)
Hysterical.    It’s so crazy to imagine.   If only we were all like Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead and we could put our arms where our ears reside and an eye where the lips should go and so on and so on and don’t act like you never tried that with your Mr. and Mrs. Spud when you were a kid.
The Katydid bug story has more interesting elements to it.  Their hearing works similarly to ours but I am not going to get into all that scientific stuff I’m just going to shoot out with Love Hurtsthe artillery for the next part of my column.   Apparently,  the sounds come into the Katydid bugs ears almost the same for another Katydid bug singing a love chirp as it would come in as a predatory bat.   Bats eat bugs.  I’m pretty sure.   So Katydid lives a bit on the edge of existence by not being able to distinguish between Romeo and the Terminator.   Talk about “Love Hurts”; in the Katydid case it is down right fatal.
I’m a thinking that yeah I agree that we are similar to Katydid bugs too.  These bugs aren’t like us because they walk a fine line between blissful love and agonizing death.  We are alike because we too have a lot of sounds coming into our ears that could be very harmful versus helpful.  
When I was a girl we grew up going to a regular church, visiting growing churches that we helped, and supporting mission churches somewhere between.   Back in those days there were very few televised false prophets out there spitting out false statements, false love, and false hopes.   – !  Now that I think about it we only had 4 channels on tv anyway so that probably hindered the widespread disease then. 
 <IMG alt=”frontline plus for dogs flea and tick control treatment” border=”0″ src=”http://www.canadapetcare.com/images/linkshare/120×90-1.jpg”>
Television, aside understand that is only one small example in our world today, whatever we hear it is imperative that we know whether it is something good for us or bad for us.   Oh sure it may sound like a no brainer.  No it isn’t always.   That fuzzy line.   your gray areas, that one wavelength in difference makes a big difference.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing don’t hang around outside a Starbucks waiting for sheep to show up to buy coffee with wolf buckteeth hanging out going  . . . “duh!” seemingly being too stupid to fool anyone much less capture the preferred catch – sheep.   Oh no sir.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing have morphing capabilities not some ragged old sheep’s clothes thrown atop his back.  
These wolves in our world today don’t even blink an eye as the fade from one look to another.   And . . . they aren’t too stupid to be at the wrong place to hunt.   They know exactly where the best flock of sheep will be and what they listen to. . . what they watch, and what they say.   The intel is sharp on these bad guys in our world today and they want to slide past all or our normal filters as if there was nothing wrong to make their way into our hearts and destroy everything that we stand for.
My mom taught us at a very young age that “the devil goes to church.”  Honestly I didn’t know what that meant until I got older.  Since I’m a slow learner I admit honestly until I got much older. 🙂   Bad guys are anywhere at anytime doing anything.  In fact you should actually expect to find evil where you shouldn’t.   That’s how evil gets you i.e.wolf/sheeps clothing.
Please don’t misunderstand me I’m not talking about churches being bad to belong to or tv ministers being crazy.  . . let it sink in and you’ll get my drift.
When I read about Katydid bugs today I also read that insects are kind of everywhere on the whole ear placement thing.  Grasshoppers hear on their tummy.  Some flies have it underneath where that double chin would be.   I guess insects have their ears pretty much everywhere but where you would expect them to be – like on their heads – and that my friends is what we should remember . . .in our world today you should use caution everywhere – especially where you would least expect the need to –  if you know what I mean.

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