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I figured out why people see Bigfoot!!!I have done it! I know why people have seen Bigfoot and why others say he doesn’t exist. Okay. Maybe I haven’t. I did have a similar experience, though. I experienced an epiphany, if you will, regarding snow leopards, doubt, brain washing, and home schooling. That should be nearly close to solving the Bigfoot mystery shouldn’t it?
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You know you should be wearing glasses when you start seeing things that are naturally impossible!!! A few months ago, on a morning after I walked my daughter into her school I began my half asleep walk back to my illegally parked vehicle. Along the way I spotted an object about 30 feet or less from me. “What is that?” I asked myself and my slow mind began to respond to the part of the brain that was awake enough to even ask a question.
“It looks like a little animal.”
“Wow! Really?”
“Yeah. Yeah. It looks like a . . . like a little cub. . .like a little white cub!”snow cub
“What?! What kind of cub is white with black spots?” My reasonable side asked.
“Ummm. . . I guess it would be a white snow leopard cub.” My part of the brain that was still connected to my eyes answered very matter of fact like. A long quiet pause silenced my inner conversation as my smarter side actually took a moment to process that whole snow cub suggestion. It was almost if my reasonable side had to go through it’s own little “does that make any sense?” checklist:

1) Would I recognize a snow leopard cub if I saw one? Oh yes . . . I’ve seen them on nature shows on television. Check.
2) If it was a snow leopard cub what would it be doing on the coast of Florida in a schoolyard parking lot? Oh. Well . . .good point. Wait! I know! It could be a stuffed toy from some child here at school and that stuffed toy happened to be a snow leopard cub. Check.
3) . . . okay. . . do you EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING????!!!!
4) Have you lost your mind?
5) Moreover, why aren’t you wearing your EYE GLASSES?!!

All the while I continued my walk and as I arrived closer to said object and my squinting started to dwindle into a wide-eyed stupid stare I beheld the object of question:

It was a dirty crumbled piece of plain paper sticking up out of the brush.paper

Gee, I sure missed that one by a large margin!

Ya think?
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I’m not the only person in Florida who doesn’t wear their glasses when they are driving; I can promise you that. I have now confessed to being yet another statistic in the car insurance rating industry that determines why Floridians pay a higher rate to have car insurance here than most other states.

Got me to thinking ( no no. . .I am awake now, not hallucinating, and I am wearing glasses so hear me out) there are quite a few times in life that we have similar arguments in our brains that a lot of us like to call “spiritual warfare.”

I looooovvvvve to watch documentaries. Public station shows, Nova, History Channel. I kind of ask for trouble when I do that. Hear quite a bit of scientific theories that are… let me think how to put this delicately . . . “CRAZYYYYY!!!” Darwin this Darwin that, huge guess for this, enormously fantastic guess for this, theory after hypothesis of all sorts of reasons for each species, each storm, each skeleton unearthed, each lost scroll to be anything other than a creation from God or even from Intelligent Design.christian single

Now I am not the smartest country bumpkin in the patch. I certainly have humbly shown you that in my past articles as well as this very column however; you do not have to be too smart to realize that something is missing.dinsaur question There’s information that has been omitted or information that has not been updated by recent discoveries. Hard to believe I know but you would be sooo surprised if you were to have a Christian scientist present the documentary on the same topic. It is very surprising to me of many non believers preach and advertise the word “truth”; their definition of truth is a deceptively different than your own. This is what I like to call “weak side of the brain washing.”

“Weak side of the brain washing” = spiritual warfare. There I said it that is my hypothesis for the day! Our brain starts to process the data that we see, hear, etc, and as it filters through our mind it runs smack dab into what we know to be true as Christians. This wall that the data runs into like a crash or sometimes more subtle like a knock is our Faith. Being a Christian, you become equipped with a wall of Faith and that wall of Faith trumps any fancy facts, destroying data, negative notions that enter our brain. The important point here is . . . how strong is that wall? How thick is the wall? How high is that wall? If we allow all the garbage, or wonderful reporting that come into our minds today through the media, through coworkers, through friends, or neighbors is our Faith Wall going to be strong enough to stop those contemptuous thoughts from rattling our minds and souls? Additionally, will misinformation sift through a wall with holes from doubt and eventually corrupt our weakened mind?

Not long ago while I was doing research for my daughter to be home schooled I ran across an explosion of opposition against not only home schooling but just plain mention of creation within existing textbooks in our school. In one Teachers Guide they had even instructed the teachers to “emphasize always millions of years when discussing earth age and evolution of species. Gee. Why would they want to remind teachers to keep saying “millions of years ago” I wonder…. Crash! Splat! That statement just him my wall!

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“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8

When you live in a region of America that is not a Bible Belt region, you wouldn’t believe how many people try to talk you out of home schooling.homeschool mom Christians and non-believers both are frightened nearly horrified at the idea that you would even consider not having a public school being the primary teachings and influence for 7-8 hours a day for YOUR child. I recently took my child to a new doctor and that doctor must have boldly told me, suggested and or hinted repeatedly a minimum 5 times during a half hour visit that she needs to be in public school. Really? That was before I confessed to mistaking crumbled paper for a snow leopard cub in a parking lot in Florida! laying brick wallWell, I have never been much of a conformist and for now I do home school. I feel that my husband, God, and I should rule what should be done with our child. Add one more brick to that Wall of Faith.

I am afraid that in Our World Today you’re going to need a Wall of Faith to go around your Panic Room.




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