Glass Half Full Controversy – Today’s Faith Definition

Birthday in a Box
Why do they call pork and beans “PORK and beans?”   When you open said can it is loaded, compacted, overflowing with beans and then there will appear a miniature piece a suggestion only if you will of “pork”.   Or at least I think it’s pork.  Maybe it’s back fat, however; let’s not call it that.  Naming a mysterious cube of meat “back fat” doesn’t achieve a massive appeal to the appetite in my opinion.

If you were going to name this canned food more appropriately based on its contents, it should be “Lotsa Beans and One Miniscule Meat Chunk.”   We are encased by vast amounts of false advertising, mislabeled items in the world today and I don’t just mean canned goods.  Our own legislature, Commander-in-Chief, Supreme Court, presidential candidates should have more appropriate labels portraying their true nature and current record.   It seems that none of the more accurate labels for most of those involved in our nation’s leadership include anything except the concept, “We the People . . .” Our constitution.   Let’s face it – we would need a very large label just to honestly describe Hillary Clinton – “Liar, Double dealing, the Narcissist, Racketeer, Racist, Nefarious advocate of greed and corruption with a Large Hint of Overconfidence.”   You’d think a product like the real Hillary wouldn’t sell and yet instead of being in jail for Benghazi alone she is running for President.   Give me a break.#CORRUPTHillary Clinton

I find it a little hard to stay positive in such an upside down world these days.   I have to remember scriptures on faith (see links below)

and remind myself “What Is Faith?”   Faith – believing in what you cannot see, belief without question, a conviction in your beliefs, also defined as having complete trust.   Let’s break it down a bit different shall we? . . .

If I have a half of a glass of water, meaning I stay positive about it “the glass half full/glass half empty” theory,  a very common phrase in our world today, which describes outlook and/or attitude about life or a current situation.   Glass half full = positive attitude.  Glass half empty=negative outlook, i.e. You don’t have enough, you are lacking, you are deficient in some matter regarding life, love, and/or happiness.

As a Christian, faith definition doesn’t end with believing in God and Jesus dying for our sins.  Life application screams for us to not only see the glass half full but the complete trust that what is in that glass is all we need anyway.   It is not necessarily  only the idea that I am optimistic since at least I have this half-a-glass, but the idea that the half a glass is a complete fulfillment of God’s promises in the Bible that his unconditional love gives us everything we need, all day, everyday, through good times and bad, through trials in our representation of our beliefs, through strifes in our Nation’s leadership, and even when we open a can of “Pork and Beans” and the highlighted star of the show- the first word in the title -is actually missing in action.

tardigrade_eyeofscience_960Do you know about the “Water Bear” or Tardigrade?   This little dude can live without water for years!  It can survive boiling water, solid water (  ha ha, tricked all you blondes out there – I mean ice, of course), severe radiation, you name it.   This little guy just keeps on living, fighting, surviving.   He doesn’t even need to have a half glass of water much less a full glass because he doesn’t even need the water! Personalized Gifts for the Home

Different times in our world today calls for different strategies.   Is it hard for you to have a glass half-full?  That’s okay.  It’s super easy to have Jesus.   Just ask him into your heart and you won’t even need to worry about anything else.  He will refresh your mind and spirit, put peace in your heart, cover you with spiritual armor, and give you the wisdom and courage to fight any battles or constraint that you may face.

God’s unconditional love is the only fact that you should concern yourself with.  Science doesn’t need to prove it.  People you know may not even subscribe to it.  And it may seem invisible if you watch the news.   He’s there.  Always.  And God has more than a pitcher of water to see you through your journey.God is here?

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