Don’t Drive While Doing Your Nails . . .and Who is Running this Country Anyway?!

I learn a lot from my kids. Exposition "Genius Loci" (Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venise)They teach me something all the time and in turn I try to throw them some upbringing along the way . . . seems only fair. A couple of years ago, my daughter was not even 6, we were driving in town and stopped at a light. My daughter said to me “Mom look that lady is painting her fingernails while she’s driving!” Sure enough, my daughter was telling the truth. I guess since texting while driving was illegal it completely opened all doors for “manicures at the wheel.” And then Floridians want to know why the auto insurance rates rise . . .No Cars Sign

It was later that afternoon when we both were in the car again that my daughter taught me the lesson of the day. We were on the highway this time and noticed traffic slowing. As we passed through an area where 3 lanes were now down to only one we spied an auto accident. Thank goodness it was not a severe accident. Almost simultaneously as we turned our heads taking in the site my daughter said to me informing me, “It was probably because of that lady painting her nails, Mom!”

“Yeah, good point Taylor”, I thought to myself.

She knew and understood and she was only 5. When do adults lose that knowledge? And why do they lose such basic common principles when it comes to common sense? I ask myself this question when I watch or hear anything going on in the news today. Where has our common sense gone? Our Christian spirituality? And why do we have ignorant stupidity running the show? Why is the Supreme Court guessing what the legislature wanted instead of only reading and following laws?  Checks and balances seem to vacate the White house and other important places a few years ago.

There is a condition when a person does not get enough oxygen that is fatal and it is extremely sneaky – Hypoxia.   Hypoxia has been the cause for many a tragedy especially in regards to flying. Someone can actually be losing their life and not even know that is occurring. The hypoxia victim will become euphoric, mental and visual sharpness will dissipate, and they drift away without even necessarily seeing any obvious causes for alarm. Air safety regulators are striving to find a solution to this silent killer.My resting cat

Such a gripping horrific condition, hypoxia, plaguing our country, politically, spiritually, and sadly.

If there is one thing as a Christian that I have seen repeated, evil is sneaky. When evil is bold and overly clear it is so easy to recognize and discard. Those techniques are not in the devil’s best interest. Instead he works like “thief in the night”, he tries to speak to weak-minded, spiritually lacking, those who are going through heartaches, questionable morality, those who are broken, deficit in faith, greedy, and Godless and he empowers them to promote in some sly fashion but convincing way destroying all that is good and holy and Christ-like. It is fatal to all mankind.204/365 - Fear not, for I am with you always.

Good and bad Americans alike are suffering from this choking evil “hypoxia”. Those who should know better are confined by “political correctness”, repetitive political issues that never resolve, mass media untruth antics, corrupt power, and threatening accusatory disablement.

Let’s talk about events that have imploded in the last few months. Compare those events to other times in our history when the Bible was still in our schools, you could still have nativity scenes and you weren’t attacked by liberals for not teaching the love of all religions EXCEPT Christianity. Apparently China can do as they wish to us (as well as other countries), the Constitution is often chucked out the window by our own President AND now THE SUPREME COURT!?! Hilary Clinton can be the least secure in sending emails while stockpiling money by unethical means, Americans are tortured and beheaded, we have documentaries that advertise our countries security flaws and weaknesses, certain Republicans make deals to quiet true conservatives keeping the status quo and stagnant, and the people of America are left with a country who has the least amount of power and respectability in decades. We are dying! All of us! What happened to us?  Evil Hypoxia.

We allowed evil to take root, stay, and grow abundantly. Racism is at an all time high and compassion is strangled out by narcissism, looting, rioting, violence, rage, and chaos. We are not allowed to put The Evil, Twisted, Wicked Corkscrew TreeChristian-themed materials in our public schools. You better be overjoyed with any other radical beliefs or your “un-American”.   We are overgoverned, uncared for, and used, and abused.   It’s like the the law abiding, honest people of America are in battered relationship and not trying to get out of it.   Atrocious!

It’s just common sense . . you don’t drive while painting your fingernails. You don’t run America without being a true believer in the Constitution. If you don’t like the constitution then go to another country. Stop believing the lies, check their history, their sordid political past, before you elect or condemn other candidates. Use your brain, wake up out from euphoria and get back with God’s divine wisdom and awesome power.

I have to remind myself to focus back on God and what he can do when I get down about the garbage and the injustice.   I know that I should be even more vigilant  by feeding my spirit and through my quiet time with God.  I’ll know better before I act carelessly, indifferent, and remain quiet about what I know is right and what is wrong. There are others in the public fighting the battle. They need your support and your fight and your common sense as well.Christian Sheet Music

God can prevail no matter what.  His love is unchanging. I can’t say the same for human beings.  Put evil under foot. Don’t lose the very air that you breathe.  Reverse this complacency hypoxia. Feed your spirit, put your foot down and fight the good fight of your faith. Does anybody want a better America? Armor on, faith in check, let’s move forward!God the Father 21

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