After being an insurance agent for the past eight years I have been privy to some pretty funny stories.   You would be amazed at the things that people do.   After they do it, Christian stuffthey then assess the damage they’ve done and call the insurance agent to file a claim.  I’ve had customers drive their own vehicle through their garage.   Others have driven off


with their hood unlatched

That hood will stay down on all the quiet secluded streets but once you hit the open freeway POOF it bolts up and smashes the windshield leaving the driver with no idea where or what he is driving into ultimately it ends with an accident.   But my favorite stories aren’t the ones related to human reactions they are the stories that involve animals.  Not too long ago I had to really hold back when I had a customer tell me that he was hit by a deer.

deerI said to the customer, “you mean that You hit the deer.”   He said no.  He explained that he was merely driving down the road when out of nowhere this rambunctious deer ran into the side of his vehicle.    Does that make the accident the deer’s fault?  Maybe.  Or maybe the deer is tired of all of his buddies getting hit by cars and has taken an aggressive offensive action to give back what has been given to his fellow peer deers.  However even if my customer was t-boned by the deer. . . I doubt that the deer had insurance and it probably was a deer crossing intersection after all.  I suppose I should feel guilty for my sarcastic point of view and the urge to burst out laughing on the whole “no the deer hit me” scenario.   I do know what comes around goes around.



So not too many days after the deer claim. . . I was driving home from work.   Let me explain I do live on a fairly desolate part of town.  There are only a few homes within a couple square miles of my house.   When I first moved there we did notice this big land turtle walking right down the middle of the road. . . as if he well owned the road as if was  to use his road however he chose and he chose to walk smack down the middle.   I thought it was kind of cute.  I remember being concerned for his own little safety walking down the road like that.  Poor little innocent turtle we wouldn’t want him to get hurt.   Anyhow as I was saying I was driving home from work and I saw Mr Turtle who thinks he owns my road walking on the road.   Just in case, I swerved my vehicle to the opposite side even though I would not have passed him by closely.  I had allowed his grace several feet to make his exit into the grassy ditch.   And would you know it but as soon as I started to pass him he quickly jerked himself 180 degrees and whipped him and his shell into some turtle super drive and charged at me!!!   He wasn’t even pointing my car’s direction when I first saw him and yet within a split second he was galloping towards my passenger side door.

Charging Turtle“What in the world!”  I exclaimed and I drove my lead foot into the gas pedal

accelerating away from the monster turtle.

Now that all seemed so odd to me.   Why would Mr. Turtle do that?  IS he some kind of kamakazi turtle on some mission or does he have suicidal tendencies like the deer that rams into cars driving by.  Well now imagine how foolish I looked as I tried to explain to the other insurance agents in my office about the turtle charging me.   They laughed at me just as I had laughed about the deer accident.   I guess I did deserve that and so I continued my story hoping that the hysteria would cease or get quiet enough for someone to take me seriously.   I really wanted someone to explain to me why a turtle would act in such a way.

That’s just it no one knows why.  That is the whole lesson I can summize from my crazy turtle scare.

No one knows why animals do what they do all the timeDog Ear Up!.

And . . .no one knows why people do what they do all the time.

At times someone’s actions may seem silly and at other times we think we know their reason for those actions.

No matter what there are going to be times in our lives where we do not understand who, where, when, or most importantly why.  crazy cat

As a Christian it has become easier for me to accept the fact that I do not have all the answers.   It is my faith in God only that allows me to let go of human understanding and let God.   I don’t know why things happen to any and all people and I may never know in my life time.   I do know that God knows and that he is still in charge of the big picture.   I may not know reasons why but I know God has all the good reasons.   No matter what his love for us blankets our unanswerable questions and covers us with a peace that passeth our own understanding.   This is one of the many gifts from our Father.

I do feel a little ashamed of my wit and humor getting the best of me as I boast about accidents that have occurred with my customers.  I shouldn’t be that way.   I think I feel much more remorse now that I have had the same treatment by my peers.   Its not everyday that you have a small cute little turtle charge after you in your automobile.   I think that makes for  a special occasion.   I have a special little memory of a scary situation and even though I don’t have all the answers I can laugh about it in the end.crazy pupchristian single

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